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How do you engage your customers? Get them knowing your values, advantages, product details, purchasing processes and more? All while respecting the little precious time those customers are going to give you.

Achieve more success, more often.

Retailers need to communicate an abundance of brand information. And with consumers attention spans on the decrease using a step by step approach can help retailers achieve more success, more often.


Connecting throughout the customer journey.

Engaging consumers through cross channel marketing is a must. And that means communicating the right information in the right way, at every touch point. Just like with any relationship all of us want to receive select amounts of information in a certain order, with specific timing. So for great retail communication, we look at each platform’s unique disseminating properties. Determine what each communication tool is best at and frame the context and content accordingly.

Here are the retail communication tactics that we at Ball Retail engage in with our clients:

1) Identify consumer touch points throughout each customer journey from contact to conversion.

2) Recognize possible distractions that will pull consumers away from each channel.

3) Match the proper context to points within the journey.

4) Determine material that addresses only the bare minimum of what consumers want to know during each interaction.

5) Develop quick, concise messaging. Blend multiple aspects like brief text, context and imagery to tell your story quickly.

6) Be on point. Determine and utilize brand drivers as check points against all communication.

7) Be consistent.

These retail communication tactics, employed regularly are a road map to addressing external content plus interactions on social media, mobile apps, and ecommerce. At the bricks and mortar level, personal interactions, concise impressions and in-store experiences are tackled.

When employed suitably these tactics can reduce shopping cart abandonment at ecommerce, move consumers to want more information about your brand, and ultimately lead your customers to trial and purchase.


Let's Bring Your Consumers Closer.

Retail communication is about making connections in a split second. Use that time wisely. Know that it’s not just what you say, it’s when you say it and how you say it that brings consumers closer at every step.



Jan Ball, Principal – Brands & Strategy.

Following a good brand road map, paves the way to propelling your business further – faster. 




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