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Why do your customers buy your product or service? Many studies and many people will tell you it's because of such factors as quality, service, convenience, price or value.

This could be very true. But if you dive deeper, what you find is that people buy for other reasons too, and that’s what can set your brand apart. Committing to and utilizing your brand drivers is an investment in your most potential return.

Brand Drivers are the Distinct Attributes you use to Provide your Services and Products.

These are the checkpoints of new promotional development and the standards for connecting with your customers. Determining what your customers are looking for can start with the basics. Essentially customers want to solve a problem they have or create a result that they currently lack. But the reasons they buy can also include attributes like customization, expertise, transparency, personalization or immediacy. Ask yourself if any of these factors play a significant roll in delivering your brand. And if they’re significant enough that your customers will care.

If you have not been through a recent process to determine brand drivers or re-examine your current drivers, it’s probably time to ask yourself why your current customer is buying from you. Ball Retail’s ReShift program includes an extensive evaluation of brand drivers for relevance, consistency and authenticity.

Why we buy?

For 25+ years Edo Japan had been offering very much the same product: a clean, tasty, simple stir-fry with no pre-manufacturing involved. Through ReShift, we determined that Edo’s customer felt good about what they were eating. They felt they were making a healthier choice, without sacrificing taste.

To showcase this message, we created the Healthy Choices campaign. Implemented across the franchise system, in-store and online, the QSR focused on delivering a strong message of providing healthy choices to their consumer.

Healthier Alternative as Brand Driver.

Committing to having and telling the right story can create an experience for your customer that helps them choose…you.

No matter what the buying factors or barriers to purchase are, focus your message very specifically. Utilizing brand drivers consistently can create your most potential return on marketing investment.

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