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What’s new in social responsibility at retail? That it is expected of every retailer by a huge number of consumers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the idea that businesses balance profit-making activities with activities or involvements that benefit society. Be it anything from operating a clean ecologically friendly organization to creating ethical education programs, charitable endeavours or community involvement.


Good for communities, good for customers and good for business.

Acting in the best interest of others can be rewarding in many ways. Retail brands, large and small need to find their place in ‘community’. Well-defined brands find their social focus easily by knowing what is really relevant to them and their customers. Essentially these brands claim a spot in their customer’s share of heart.

Consumers take CSR into consideration.

When companies support social or environmental issues, consumers react:

• 84% say they consider CSR when deciding where to shop.

• 82% say they consider CSR when recommending retailers to others.

• 76% say they would donate to a charity supported by a brand they trust.

Customers are increasingly using social responsibility as a measure of overall performance.


Having the heart to heart.

The Ball ReShift process of building brands includes having the heart to heart about social responsibility with our clients. In this we make suggestions to create ongoing or annual programs that champion social involvement.

charities-600x935-bImage: Chatters’ A Beautiful Cause helped build futures for girls in Uganda.

In the case of Chatters 100+ salons across Canada our brand focus to ‘Celebrate a Woman’s Choice” was the catalyst to a flexible social responsibility program called ‘A Beautiful Cause’. This program is able to address numerous social and community initiatives; Partnering with AG’s Women Leading Change, Dress for Success, Ronald McDonald House Charities, YWCA’s across Canada and others.

It’s been found that “A Beautiful Cause” resonates with Chatters customers and helps to create loyalty.

charities-600x935-a Image: Chatters helping Ronald McDonald House put smiles on everyone’s faces.


Following your heart.

Retailers who integrate social responsibility as part of their brand-building platform, prove that a dedication to these initiatives goes a long way, both for the cause and for their reputation.

Read another Ball Retail application of CSR in Retail: As a Retailer, is Social Responsibility in Your Best Interest?

Stats from Ebiquity Global CSR Study 2015

jan-blog-imageJan Ball – Principal, Brands & Strategy.

Following a good brand road map, paves the way to propelling your business further – faster.


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