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Multi-channel retail campaigns are all about covering your bases. They are most effective when you truly connect with your customers on a number of different levels.

This means you need to know your customers well. You need to offer them an engaging, relevant message and know what communication channels they spend their time on. You also need to know what media they will interact with and which prompts will motivate them at purchase decision time.

Once you have your compelling content strategy you can start choosing the most effective channels to connect with your customers. Every step a user takes on the path to purchase, is to be evaluated based on the channel used. Consider social, web, email, digital ads, traditional communications through to ecommerce and in-store POS.

A recent Ball client retail campaign included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as web, display ads, video animation, hyper-local, OOH mall and in store point of sale prompts.

The activity of front line personnel and franchisees are also factored into the execution of the campaign by preparing them for customer questions and sampling of new products.

Image#3Edo Japan Multi Channel Sushi Campaign

Keeping in-line with the content strategy of approachable sushi the choice of simplicity of message was applied. As consistent content was created, the messages were modified or re-purposed to fit the benefits of different media or channels.

We chose rich media ads that encouraged further exploration of content.

These ads utilized motion and animation videos. The retail campaign’s rich media ads offered the most investigation of the content in a consistent and compelling manner.

Once the consumer ventured close to an Edo Japan location hyper-local ads served even more reason to try the new products.

In locations, pre and post ordering information expanded the idea with specific sales prompts, info graphics and fun facts.

Over 90% of marketers struggle to seamlessly connect more than three channels on the buyer journey. It takes planning and focus at a number of levels. However, leveraging the effectiveness of every customer touch point is the road to creating greater marketing value and building more customer relationships within your multi-channel campaigns.

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