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Do your customers care about what your brand has to offer? Do they care enough to take action?

Every consumer that shops your retail location wants desperately to love what you have to offer. When they do, it means that they have not only made the right choice but they also feel good about themselves.


People shop and buy for many reasons. They compare benefits, pricing and availability. They look for products or services that can make their lives more comfortable or convenient. And sometimes they share some of the same values as your brand.

Through the process of Retail Reshift, Ball focuses on emotional relevance by analyzing brand attributes and aligning your messaging with those that your customers can truly care about. Maybe even love.

And when people really love something, they tell other people about it.

Corine Sim. VP Marketing & Branding – Chatters LP

Previously Chatters focus was exclusively on ‘lowest prices for name brand hair products”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that this benefit by itself didn’t resonate with consumers on an emotional level. Adding to the Chatters story of value, Ball helped to identify additional Brand Drivers of variety and expertise. These were seen as relevant attributes that Chatters customers could truly care about. Women can be extremely passionate about their hair and beauty, so connecting with them on this new level was of great benefit to Chatters salons across the country.

Make an emotional connection with your customers.

Finding ways to relate to a consumers sense of self, their values and principles is always the right choice when building a brand. Many brands focus too much on functional or utilitarian benefits and forget that being in a relationship with a consumer should be a much more emotional journey.

Successful brands determine and implement Brand Drivers that their consumers genuinely care about. Brand Analysis within the Ball Retail ReShift process includes analysing attributes for just this kind of relevance.

Result: A Brand People Love.

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