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How are you tackling the ‘local’ element?

Franchisors and multi-location retail managers are regularly trying to show local value. Allocating franchisee or market specific ad fund dollars responsibly and equitably can be a challenge. So how do we make the national retail campaign more local? By including hyper-local ads in your multi-channel marketing campaign.

Every step a customer takes on the path to purchase is a chance for your retail brand to become more relevant and visible.

That is why every multi-channel marketing campaign’s strategy and channel choices are so important. Within those choices connecting with local consumers can be of great value.

Google stats consistently tell us of the high potential for on location searches and hyper-local or area targeting. According to Google nearly one third of all mobile searches are related to location. Reported in Spring 2016, location-related searches were growing 50% faster than other mobile queries.

Messaging#4_HyperlocalFranchisee marketing managers or other retailers can take the first step into hyper-local advertising by creating a consistent campaign message with a local element. Then specify a radius around each location to serve your hyper-local ads to potential consumers who pass through it. Depending on your brand and campaign strategy Ball Retail recommends a mix of hyper-local display, search and social media ads to connect with local consumers.

As part of a franchisee ad plan, connecting with your consumers just outside the door of your brick & mortar location should mean more traffic and more sales in-store.

This is a basic approach to be followed by tracking and analysis to help adjust future campaigns accordingly. Like traditional targeting of mail drops or unaddressed ad mail, do realize that today’s data is only the tip of the iceberg. As more behavioural insights on your consumers become apparent, your local message can become more sophisticated and targeted. Soon you’ll have much better information on where your potential customers are and when to send them messages that will make the most impact.



Jan Ball, Principal – Brands & Strategy. Building and living a good brand road map, paves the way to propelling your business further – faster.

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