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A multi-channel marketing campaign helps your customers engage with your brand in a number of ways. These campaigns typically use a mix of social media; Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, as well as websites, display ads, out of home, direct mail and in store POS.

When your customers are on their journey to purchasing from you, they interact with a combination of direct and indirect communication channels. And that’s where your message needs to be.

Being where your customers are and choosing the right channels is just one step towards an impactful campaign. Before leveraging each channel, the key is to create content that your customers find compelling.

Every multi-channel campaign needs a content strategy. Something that tells customers what they want to hear. Your strategy needs to engage consumers with relevant content and let them choose as much or as little of that information as they want, on the platform or channel they prefer.

Here’s an example executed through Ball Retail’s ReShift process.

Selling sushi in the QSR or fast casual environment had proven to be a challenge. The customer, a predominately GenX Canadian expressed a tendency to not choose sushi because of the impression that all sushi contained raw fish. This barrier to purchase prompted a new line of friendly, simple sushi that contained fresh vegetables, cream cheese, cooked crab, tempura shrimp and other approachable ingredients.

Edo Japan Multi Channel Sushi Campaign

Campaign creative was developed to illustrate the new, fun, easy to eat products. Content was a mix of enticing food photography, entertaining videos, info graphics of ingredient facts, brand call outs and a call to action.

The fresh and friendly approach helped break the barrier to purchase, taking it from unappealing to approachable for many Edo customers. Once you’ve broken through the consumer barrier to purchase with the product they want, Ball finds it best to be direct with the message before the consumer makes their usual assumption.

Edo Japan Multi Channel Sushi Campaign

With a campaign expressing “It’s Simple, have the Rolls” and “No Raw Fish Here” the message tackled the consumers’ previous notion head on. The promotional strategy focused on consumers finding it relevant and authentic.

When you start your multi-channel marketing campaign with an engaging strategy and strong content, you are ready to leverage each unique marketing channel to reach your goal of customer engagement.

See more on the the execution of this sushi campaign including rich media ads; read our article on expanding your retail campaigns with multi-channel marketing.




Jan Ball, Principal – Brands & Strategy. Jan is consistently focused on employing brand drivers as check-points against all strategy decisions. Watch a video case study of a brand re-fresh

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