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There are many demands on QSR establishments to meet the needs and demands of today’s consumer.

In order to stay at the forefront of the consumer’s mind, a company must know whether their brand is still relevant and achieving goals. According to Accenture Research, customers are saying that 61% of the time that they switch brands, it’s driven by a lack of relevance. To not self-reflect and make necessary changes, will leave one obsolete and forgotten.


Where did Edo Japan sit?

Edo Japan was at this stage. They studied where they were and where they wanted to take their brand. While wanting to keep existing customers, Edo needed to attract new Millennial customers and introduce all to a new Edo culture. In today’s competitive QSR landscape, a re-Brand or rather a brand re-shift is just what was needed for Edo Japan.











So what did Ball Retail do?

We worked with Edo Japan, through a series of imaginings, employed online research and helped set strategies to move the brand forward. It was found that the coming together of Japanese and Canadian tastes, sights and sounds was perfect for Edo Japan and would differentiate them from their competitors. Something that they could own. Consumer insights arose which resulted in a new restaurant brand application being conceived and a refreshing tone of voice for the brand.


What's In the brand toolkit?

Many touchpoints were addressed to enhance this re-fresh. See the Before and After. Some elements included the following:

– a new logo,

– evolved colour choices,

– digital platforms developed,

– packaging updates,

– a proprietary language in both written and visual formats and,

– Asian style proverbs were created.


What was the result?

By creating a re-shift in Edo’s brand, they saw an increase in customer acquisition which lead to improved brand awareness and a sales lift. With this fresh feel and look including new offers and experiences, Edo Japan is in a great position for future growth in an everchanging QSR world.


View this link for a short video of the Before and After of Edo Japan



Tina van der Linden – Retail Reshift Manager

Moving brands forward

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