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Today’s consumers live for choice. Or at least they think they do. They want retailers, in-store and online, to provide variety, information and convenience. When retailers oblige, customers are free to explore and create their own shopping experiences.

But here’s the catch: Sometimes, the freedom of choice can become overwhelming. It can create an inability to choose. To relieve their anxieties, you need to connect with your customers’ emotions. This will help ensure they have a positive experience.

Personalization + Limited Choice = Increased Sales

If you provide both personalization and a narrowing of choice, you will give your customers the feelings of acceptance and belonging they crave. This can quickly convert into sales. We saw this, time and time again, while applying the ReShift process to Chatters: When you help people create their own retail experience, they respond by converting that experience into a purchase.

It Worked in Chatters Salon's 100+ Product and Salon Locations

As part of ReShift, we studied the Chatters customer journey. Their customers, as a whole, wanted a great variety of products within a Chatters Salon. But carrying so many products led to customers feeling overwhelmed by choice. Which resulted in many customers simply not choosing, or buying, anything.

Tailored Solutions Make For Engaged Customers

We created a retail promotion designed to address the issues that affect specific hair types – frizzy, dry, curly, etc. This connected with customers on a personal level by reflecting something they value – their individuality. By asking the Chatters customer which category they fell into, we reduced their choice overwhelm, making it easy to find the best solutions for them. Each product bundle was personalized to address their specific hair needs and felt customized just for them.

This helped customers choose and buy. We called it “Incredible You”. The insights we gathered about personalization and making choice easier for customers has been invaluable to Chatters. They have turned the successful “Incredible You” promotion into an annual event, due to the great results it continues to bring them at the chain-store level.

Result: A successful event becomes an Annual Promotion

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