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We know that demographics alone rarely tell us the whole story. Today's consumers have more choice than ever before, and to reach them we need to focus on more than just who they are, we also need to focus on why they buy.

While we understood the facts of who the OPA! customer was – their age, gender, income, marital status – we didn’t really know what made them tick. Through a deeper look at the Customer Journey, we learned what makes them feel connected – their beliefs, attitudes, opinions and values – the why.
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Know Your Audience

Through ReShift we discovered that the OPA! customer has a relevant difference: they are unapologetically bold. They are people who crave being different, owning it, living it, being it. Armed with the insights gained, we were able to create a campaign that connected with customers old and new, and not just those that fit the age and gender profile.

OPA! customers are confident, unique, trendsetting people with bold and adventurous personalities. Most importantly, they are the kind of people who aren’t afraid of OPA’s strong flavour profile.
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Modern psychology has proven that it is very common for people to mirror the behaviour of the most dominant or charismatic people around them. These people set the trends in our society that others clamour to follow.

INSIGHT: Adventurous eaters who aren't afraid to be bold

The Keeping it Fresh Campaign created a strong brand platform that OPA! can use to continue to build its brand. The bold, relevant and fun concepts provided an identifiable brand position both in personality and as reference to the quality of the OPA! food offering.

Result: Winning Creative that Connects Emotionally With your Customers

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