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A wide variety of pet products are available that replicate what any member of the family deserves.

Everything from organic, natural foods to psychology sessions are available for the animal world. And with Generation Y nudging out the Baby Boomers when it comes to pet ownership, the pet industry is adjusting its ways to market pet products to this target audience. 



Essentials for Pets Differ for Millennials

This age group is delaying getting married and having a family, but there is still the need to fill that companionship gap and act as a parent. This is where pets come in. And with pets, come the responsibility of providing a good life for them. What one generation deems as an luxury item for their pet, the Millennials see as “must haves”. Specialized pet foods, different clothing options, newest tech innovations, even pet insurance.

What was once seen as a non-essential pet product, pet insurance is now being offered by some employers within their employee’s optional benefit packages. A definite sign of adapting to this particular demographic and respecting their new family model.



Importance of omni-channel and impromptu in-store purchasing.

Online shopping is on the rise but bricks and mortar stores are still very much where purchases are made. About 80% -90% of all consumer purchases are still being made in-store. Giving Generation Y a seamless experience between online to mobile to in-store, is an important tool to increase traffic and boost sales.


Being authentic is your best friend.

Millennials are looking for authenticity and transparency and with their comfort level in the digital world, they have greater access to researching pet products. They are looking for everything from reviews and pricing to social responsibility. Any claims made will be tested by this group and must ring true to them.


Remember, this is family we’re talking about. Marketing content must be both credible and motivating in order to convert into more exploration or a purchase. Marketers need to keep in mind that Millennials do not see themselves as pet owners, but rather pet parents and like any parent, they want the best when it comes to a member of their family.



Tina van der Linden – Retail Reshift Manager

Always driving towards results.

(no pets were injured in the writing of this blog)

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