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Do you struggle to make use of the many customer email addresses you collect? You're not alone. Connecting with customers in just the right way means striking a delicate balance between too much and not enough.

Chatters Had a Customer Connection Problem

Though they had two quality offerings, they were having a hard time converting their salon clients into product customers, and their product customers into salon clients.

We realized that part of the solution lay in broadening the connection with salon customers, whose email addresses Chatters already had for bookings and appointments.

We used an email campaign to establish Chatters’ expertise in hair care and salon products. A 50/50 mix of sales materials and useful, interesting information led to great wins in customer engagement.

The “Goldilocks” Solution

Sending out too few emails and your customers will forget about you. Too many, and they’ll simply unsubscribe! Both situations are bad for your brand, and your sales.

So what kind of email program is “just right”? It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

• Send 1 email per week, on average

• Never include more than 2 messages in an email

• Limit yourself to 3 images per email – a large “hero” image, and up to two smaller, supporting images

The Right Mix of Information, Delivered The Right Way

You will also build a relationship that establishes you as a trusted source of content on the topics your customers care most about.

Result: We brought Chatters' click-through rate to almost double the national average.

Find out how ReShift can increase your customers’ awareness and knowledge of your offering and in turn increase your sales.

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