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So often when working with a mature brand, the in-house marketing team feels they have run out of things to say about an existing product or promotion, yet they still need to get consumers excited about it and achieve a bump in sales.

If the product has been a strong performer, there’s no reason to change it. So, if you’re not changing the product, the offering or the price, how can you make it seem new and exciting again?

By re-framing your promotional content and changing how you talk about it.

Big Daddy Bento Bus King

The idea of the glass being half-full or half-empty is a perfect example of re-positioning how someone feels about something. It’s the same glass of water, but with the half-full communication people feel positive, not negative.

The Shreddies brand did a marvellous job of reframing their offering several years ago. The 67 year-old cereal was in need of a market boost in the breakfast category. However, focus group studies showed consumers loved the product just the way it was. Without anything new to say, how could they make an old product new again?

Through the square-turned-diamond campaign the company was able to re-introduce the same old product as something brand new. The “Diamond Shreddies” campaign saw an 18% lift in sales and created amazing press coverage for Kraft Foods. The brand was able to put a fun spin on an old, unchanged product.

Our client Edo Japan came to Ball with a similar problem. How to boost sales of their Bento Box product? The Bento Box had been an annual promotion, creating good results. The product offering has always allowed the consumer to pick their main Teriyaki meal and add two sides. In this campaign Edo Japan wasn’t changing the offer or the price, but Ball was tasked with getting a bump in sales. Re-framing the retail promotion was in order.

By understanding the psychology of choice through our ReShift process, Ball created a new combination of Bento Box offerings using Edo’s top selling individual product items. We then gave each combo a creative name, which could resonate with different Edo Japan customers.

THE BIG DADDY BENTO: Double Teriyaki beef on white rice with spring rolls and gyoza dumplings. Named to appeal to those who want beef plus all the seafood they could get.

THE SURF AND TURF: Teriyaki beef and shrimp on noodles with tempura shrimp and gyoza dumplings. Created to appeal to the those who want both seafood and meat.

THE SWEET ALOHA: Hawaiian Chicken on brown rice with sweet apple cinnamon dessert spring rolls and California rolls. Designed to appeal to a female audience with a taste for something sweeter.

Instead of the usual annual “mix and match” Bento Box communication, Ball helped Edo launch three “Brand New” Bento Box promotional offerings. At least they seemed “new”. These offerings were strategically combined to maximize product appeal while upselling Edo customers. This successful promotion increased Bento Box sales overall and had more people buying the premium combinations than ever before.


The Result: An increased profit margin on an already profitable product.

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