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Social Media influencers have become the new way to reach a younger more distracted consumer. But where to begin?



Influencers and brands must share core values

To get any return on your marketing efforts, start by finding social media influencers whose values align with your own brand values. This may or may not be difficult based on your own brand values. Most brands have several key brand drivers that make up the brand voice. eg: Supporting local communities, safety & security, healthy options…etc.

No matter what your brand stands for there are consumers who believe in those same core values. You need to find a social media influencer who connects to their loyal following based on the same values as yours.


Macro versus Micro Influencers

Picking one or two macro influencers (commonly defined as influencers with more than 10,0000 followers), seems like a good idea. They have a large audience and good reach. The downside is they can be expensive and often provide only one or two posts for the cost, before they are off to promote another brand.

A second option would be to use everyday social media influencers or micro influencers. If you are still new to the social media influencer game this can be a great place to start; instead of charging you thousands of dollars for one post, micro influencers allow you to create with them, a more prolonged campaign or give you the chance to use numerous influencers at one time.


The main qualities of a micro social media influencer include the capacities to successfully reach a very targeted and focused audience, to build brand awareness, and start a compelling conversation. Not just execute a one of post.

Connected micro influencers also provide a form of social proof for younger consumers. When an ideal customer sees comments or endorsements from two or more social media influencers, it has the power to sway their potential purchases.


Ball Retail Attracts Customers with an Unforgettabowl Story

This is the exact strategy Ball Retail employed for our QSR client Edo Japan. The objective was to promote a series of new fresh & healthier bowls over the course of several months. We branded this campaign UnforgettaBowls, and proposed 3-5 micro social media influencers for each new UnforgettaBowl product launch. Each micro influencer was used as our model in small “memories” style videos. They were photographed engaging in their own everyday lives and the new UnforgettaBowl product was woven into the story in an authentic way.

Through a combination of promoted posts and the following of each of the micro influencers, we have been able to reach a broader audience in an authentic way to launch each of Edo Japan’s new UnforgettaBowl product offerings.

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Hayley Ballinger – Principal & Creative Director

Knowing how consumers become your customers is an invaluable insight. Read about the Ball Retail Reshift process.



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