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When you're doing social media right, things just click. Like a blossoming friendship. You and your new friends laugh at the same jokes, you use the same language. You seem to be in sync.

This is what brands strive for with their social media content. But how many are actually getting it right? How engaged are your customers in what you’re putting out there? Of course, the unfortunate flip side to this is that when you’re doing it wrong, the opposite happens. Your followers will either disregard your posts and stop paying attention… or worse, stop following you altogether.

It all comes down to knowing your customers and their interests.

They want to engage with your brand, they want to like what you’re saying… it’s up to you to make that happen. Does your brand have an authentic perspective? Do you say things in such a way that your customers will have no doubt that it’s you who’s saying them? We recently worked with CheeCha Puffs Snacks on just this problem.

How to go from In-Store to Online promotion?

CheeCha Puffs had always relied on in-store tastings and word of mouth to grow their brand, but they found themselves needing more. They wanted to get their low fat, low cal, delicious snacks into the mouths of a larger audience. But they only had a limited budget, so how? In-store is not scalable, but social media is – and that’s where we decided to take them.

Research first, shares and pins later...

During our Retail ReShift process we identified that the primary consumers of CheeCha Puffs were middle-aged women. Middle-aged women who wanted the occasional guilt-free salty or sometimes sweet snack. Knowing that the social media platforms that these women use the most are Facebook and Pinterest, we created a series of design-driven posts for them to share. We made sure they were funny, true and, most importantly, free of judgement.

Who wouldn't want a guilt-free snack, from a brand that 'gets it'?

These fun, sassy, image-based posts were perfect for CheeCha Puffs fans to pin and share with girlfriends, and that’s exactly what they did. In droves. The campaign was a wild success, getting the word out that, finally, a guilt-free snack does indeed exist!

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