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Not everyone believes that business should have a conscience. Some believe that only individuals can have a sense of social responsibility. But if you as a retailer or marketer believe that individuals make up businesses and serve individuals, the idea of doing what your heart tells you can go a long way to connecting with customers and employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) makes a difference

Seventy-two percent of people believe their purchases make a moderate-to-significant positive impact on social or environmental issues. Plus 79% of people consider CSR when deciding where to work. (Read: Social Responsibility hits home with consumers)

Having the Heart to Heart

At Ball Retail we find ourselves more often than not, having the heart to heart with our clients, about corporate social responsibility (CSR) as part of building brands. Many retailers recognize the importance of being socially conscience, and advertise charitable initiatives like fundraisers for a cause, or the volunteer project that their staff are involved in. Retailers that incorporate social responsibility into their brand model, find benefits for both the cause and for their reputation.

Video: Edo Japan team volunteering at a Food Bank

Make heart a part of your brand

Ongoing or annual programs that champion social involvement can create multiple rewards. Customers want to truly be connected with those who are involved with their community. Employees and front line people find purpose and value in the activities. Social media feedback is positive and infectious.

The Edo a Little Help a Lot Food Bank Campaign spans in-store, PR, social media and much of Canada’s food bank network.

Social responsibility designed to warm your heart

With a program that has run three consecutive years, Edo Japan, with its customers and franchisees will have contributed over $200,000 to food banks across Canada. Those brands with CSR policies are making social responsibility an integral part of their brand models and are seeing the responsibility a the retail levelImage: social content from Edo a Little Help a Lot Food Bank Campaign

Stats from Ebiquity Global CSR Study 2015



jan-blog-imageJan Ball – Principal, Brands & Strategy.

Encouraging our clients to focus on relevant and authentic attributes, which move their brands forward.

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