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The dictionary defines “sense” as a faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus. And that stimulus evokes a specific functional reaction. Very clinical sounding, I know. But by creating an emotional connection through the senses, we can have people responding more effectively to video ads. Motion and sound are key elements to create that emotional response.












Same dynamics on today’s platforms

It was some 90 years ago that television was invented and that opened up a whole new world to advertising. Motion and sound helped sell the laundry detergents and toys of yesterday. Fast forward to today, and those same elements in video ads are helping to engage us on multiple platforms – YouTube, Social Media, Websites.


Seeing and hearing together have higher recall

With the overwhelming amount of content being served, catching someone’s attention is essential. Movement and sound are key to the effectiveness of video ads.

According to Think With Google, YouTube users that both see and hear ads have 2.7X higher ad recall than those that only hear an ad and 1.4X those that only view an ad.






UnforgettaBowls Catch Attention

Working with Edo Japan, we wanted to connect with Millennials in their existing online world. They like to be entertained and love experiences.

The current UnforgettaBowl campaign is about tapping into Millennial personalities and memories. Personal storytelling of Edo experiences were created with compilation video and a recognizable song. Numerous factors were employed to design video ads that increase brand recall and awareness.



And who knows, are we just around the corner from adding a “smellability” feature that will tap into one more of the senses to make video ads just that much more memorable?


Tina van der Linden – Retail Reshift Manager

Always using her noodle!

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